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Diesel Fuel Prices customers pay a monthly fee of $29.95 for instant and unlimited access to the most feature-rich truckload freight rate search database in the industry.

What do you get when you subscribe? You get instant and unlimited access to route specific Diesel Fuel Prices, Market Freight Rates and real time Truck Loads feed. For any lane selected you will get:
  • Real Time diesel fuel prices on any lane
  • Accurate diesel fuel cost to carry any lane
  • All diesel fuel locations and their prices on any lane
  • Cheapest diesel fuel locations identified on any lane
  • PCMiler® Practical Routing
- provides the pricing of every diesel fuel location on the routes that you run.

The most significant cost in freight rates is the cost of the diesel fuel needed to move the load. Our service provides you first a snapshot of what the cost of fuel would be on the route that you take. For instance, if you were going from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL on 8/9/2007, the total cost of fuel would be $331.04 with an average of $2.74 per gallon and $0.46 per mile.

Determining freight rate costs is essential in negotiating freight rates. Knowing the diesel fuel prices on that lane will give more leverage to the small carrier to negotiate that rate.

The next feature of's diesel fuel prices is the listing of every fuel location. highlights all fuel locations that are under the route average. This identifies all of the cheaper fuel locations on the route. The service also identifies the cheapest diesel fuel price on the route by highlighting the cheapest fuel location. Carriers know how to fuel intelligently using this service.

Membership to includes access to routing provided by ALK PCMiler®. displays the practical route (not House hold goods route). We also display the route in an easy to read format and give the miles breakdown by state for tax purposes.